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What to know about payday loans


August 23, 2019

Personal Loans

There will come a time when you have to get a payday loan. This means you might have a bill that needs to be paid now and you can't wait for payday. These businesses give you the option to get a certain amount with a fee tacked on when it's time to pay it back. Payday loans are a common source that many have used to get ahead of their bills. Often times they get a bad wrap as many do get sucked into using them more than they should. There is a method to the madness when you get a payday loan. It's about how you use the money and when you pay it back. Here are some things to know about payday loans.


Not every state offers a payday loan to the public. This is because there has been a lot of backlash as customers complain they've gotten into further debt with these loans that keep them hooked. Many are on a cycle that they can't get out of and it never seems to end. Some states have refused to offer a payday loan because they can be deemed predatory lending to low-income people. Check with your state to see if it allows these loans at all. Some state might offer them, but you are only allowed to borrow a certain amount. Other states may have huge warnings in the fine print letting you know what to expect and beware of any kind of lending that seems predatory.


It all comes down to how much you need when getting a pay day loan. It could be $50 or $500, depending on your credit. They will check your credit to determine the amount you are allowed to be approved for. Those with good credit can get a lot more than those with bad credit. You need to have a bit of caution when getting a payday loan in large amounts. Though it's offered to you doesn't mean you have to take it. Be very careful and make sure you can pay the amount back plus the fee with no problems. This is were a lot of people go wrong as they see these large dollar amounts they can borrow, but struggle to pay them back.

Why do you need it?

You need to ask yourself why you need a payday loan in the first place. If you are seriously strapped for money until you get paid, then a payday loan might help. You need to assess your lifestyle and determine what is making you so broke that you can't wait for your regular paycheck. There are some people who can wait for their paycheck and just want the extra money. This is probably not the right way to go about getting a payday loan. When you do stuff like this you open yourself to getting into debt very fast. The loan will come due and now you have spent your paycheck and the payday loan. This leaves you with nothing to pay on the payday loan and extra fees start stacking up.


There is such a thing called the payday loan trap. This when people get in the habit of constantly getting a payday loan and can't get above it. They get the money, spend it and then it becomes their main source of income. They begin to rely on it more than their regular check every other week. They literally have to pay a good portion from their paycheck to pay the payday loan back. This is the trap that you want to avoid. Some people have gotten hit so bad that they have to find another source to pay off the payday loan that keeps coming due and taking all of their money. Do your best to beware that you are getting sucked into a payday cycle and may have to ask for help from friends and family.

These kind of loans are not the first choice for people when they need extra money. However, it is something that allows us to take care of a financial emergency when it happens. These loans are given to use in an instant and can be found online. There are some states that refuse to offer them to the public. Too many people have gotten stuck and can't repay the loan to save their life. It's a cycle that keeps going around until you are completely broke and have to find money else where. You don't need a large amount when getting these loans. Play it safe and try to stick to an amount that works with your financial situation. Ask yourself why do you need the loan? Start handling your money better so you can wait to get paid. Understand the dangers of these loans which are known to trap people financially.