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Why your credit score matters: the skinny


November 22, 2019


You might want to ignore it sometimes, but your credit score is a large factor when it comes to financial success. It chases after you no matter what and will end up being a critical factor when it comes to making large financial decisions down the line.

Loan and Credit Eligibility

The common concern with personal credit scores is the impact it has on your eligibility for any kind of major bank loan, and this is true in a lot of ways. The lower your credit score, the less likely any kind of financial institution will consider you for a line of credit (even credit card companies).

Insurance Concerns

If you are in the market for home-ownership insurance or even car insurance, your credit score will ultimately play a major role in what your premium will end up being. Insurance companies have their own form of credit score (insurance score) which is based on whether or not the individual in question pays their bills in a timely manner and the number of insurance claims they have filed in a recent stretch of time. Abysmal/lacking credit scores end up costing you potentially hundreds more annually on insurance premiums.

Credit Score and Employment

While controversial in nature, many employers (based on state statutes) are allowed to check your credit score prior to the hiring of a new employee. This practice is justified in the sense that it can predetermine the personal responsibility level of a potential applicant for the job position, especially in careers involving currency-heavy transactions on a regular basis, such as the banking industry. Not every state allows for pre-employment credit checks, but it's something to keep in mind if you do happen to live in a state that actually does.

Additional Service Fees

Lots of internet, cable and even cellular phone providers run your credit score before they establish a service agreement with you. If your credit is too low, service might end up being denied or you might find a nasty security deposit tacked on; however having good credit allows you to bypass these potential pitfalls.